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“ Who is he?"
He is an infant, not a virtual image: he is 12 inches tall, weights 2 pounds and his delivery was two months earlier. He is a "premie" (a premature infant), a tiny but  complete  human being, with the same rights and more needs than a full term infant. Those  premies should have the same rights and opportunities, regardless the wealth of their parents or the wealth of the societies in which they born.”
The poverty map is superimposed on the map of premature birth or low birth weight in the world. The lack of financial resources is closely related to these births. Many families in this situation, do not even have the passage to and from the center of attention, to make appropriate medical follow-up to her newborn baby and premature. Some even do not have health coverage that guaranteed the right of access to specialized care in the Kangaroo Mother Program.
You can sponsor these children by making a donation equivalent to the cost of comprehensive care for one year:  only USD1.500, or other sums to support the needs of housing, transportation and nutrition of the parents without adequate financial resources to attend regularly to queries. They will thank you.
Supplies: If you have elements of raising your baby, in good condition, no longer used and can serve disadvantaged families, contact us through the "Contact" button or call the phone numbers found at the foot of our website. We will take your details and we will connect you with a needy family.