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Inicio GSK and Save the Children Healthcare Innovation Award 2016
GSK and Save the Children Healthcare Innovation Award 2016

We have great news that we wanted to share with you:   it have been launched the 2016 Healthcare Innovation Award and applications are open.

Knowing how important was to our organisation to win the 2013  award, we want to share this award opportunity with you.

For the Healthcare Innovation Awards fourth year, special attention will be given to innovations that focus on reaching the hardest to reach children. Extraordinary progress has been made in recent years to reduce the number of children dying before their fifth birthday.  Despite this progress, more than five million children still die each year before their fifth birthday, and millions of children are being left behind because of their gender, poverty, or ethnic identity; because they live in remote areas or urban slums; or because they are caught up in conflicts.  The HIA this year welcomes ideas for ways in which these children can be reached. 

If any of the organisations that you work with would be suitable applicants for the Award please do encourage them to and apply.  Winners receive the following:

1)      A cash donation from a USD$ 1 million Award fund that has been made available by GSK

2)      Promotion through public award announcements and international media coverage

3)      A ‘Round-Table’ event in their local community that will convene interested and relevant stakeholders from the public, private and non-profit sectors to provide a support network that can help improve and grow the innovation

4)      Potential additional support may include volunteer and/or technical assistance from GSK and Save the Children staff and country offices

Entries close on 7 September at 11:59pm (GMT) and the winners are expected to be announced by February 2017.

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