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The Kangaroo Foundation doesn’t have any proper resource and depends on funds of other organizations for its actions; it is actually the most limiting factor for the research on KMC and for the dissemination worldwide of the Kangaroo Mother Care.
Several NGO’s, institutions and private companies gave their support to the Foundation during these 10 years of intensive work: a Swiss NGO, the World Laboratory, made up by recognized and famous scientists who initially supported the scientific evaluation of the KMC to be able to prove the method’s efficacy and safety (1989 - 1993) and in a second period (1994 - 2002) supported the disclosure to developing countries specially African, Eastern Europe and Latin American countries.  Without its support the kangaroo mother technique would have this worldwide disclosure.  It is not frequent to find an NGO capable of providing constant support during such a long time. 
We will always be thankful to it. The European Union through a French NGO, Enfance et Développement (EED) gave its support to a Kangaroo Foundation project (1997-2000) and for three years permitted us to disseminate the technique receiving an average of 5 to 6 centers per year. The BlancMesnil Foundation has helped us also for the past two years with the purchase of electronic scales for the new Kangaroo mother programs in Africa and with a support for some training missions.
We have also received support from the Rockefeller Foundation to train a South Vietnam center. From 2001 to 2003, the initiative Save New Born Lives of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave us its support to disseminate the kangaroo mother technique to the Indian continent. 
For the scientific research, the search for funds is a lot harder.  Scientific research on KMC is carried out 95% in rich countries where there as evidenced by scientific publications.  It is very difficult to convince about the need to perform good research in developing countries, intended to respond to local problems.  We found a modest support in the scientific research organisms of the Colombian government (COLCIENCIAS).
Occasionally private companies such as Nestlé Foundation, Lyonnaise des Eaux, Suez Foundation, Aventis Laboratory, gave us small donations to allow us to continue our research on KMC.  Actually the Kangaroo research group from the Kangaroo Foundation is classified “A” by Colciencias, the official governmental research agency in Colombia.