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1.Prize of the INTERNATIONAL CLINICAL EPIDEMILOGY NETWORK - INCLEN, for the most outstanding research published during 1997-1998
2.Award "SAN VALENTINO ANNO D'AMORE A" 1999, awarded by the Foundation San Valentino, Vatican City, on a scientific basis to prove the effectiveness of KMC and transfer of knowledge to many other developing countries.
3.SPECIAL JURY AWARD for the video tape "method of caring for the mother kangaroo” granted by the International Film Festival of Health 1999. World Health Organization-WAMHF
4.Award "FINALIST COMPETITION SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR", awarded by the Schwab Foundation, Money Magazine, 2005, Bogota, Colombia
5.Award for "BEST PRACTICES FOR GLOBAL HEALTH 2006", awarded by the Global Health Council, Washington, USA
6.Award of EXELLENCE IN THE FRAMEWORK OF SOUTH-SOUTH 2010, in recognition of the implementation of Kangaroo Mother Care in developing countries, awarded by the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation of UNDP and WHO. Geneva, Switzerland, November 2010.

7.Award Carlos Slim de la Salud 2012 in the OUSTANDING INSTITUTION for their contributions to health and development in Latin America and the Caribbean.