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Minister of Health visits to mothers and premature babies
The eligibility criteria for Kangaroo Mother Program in Colombia, the universal platform for professional training about the methode of Kangaroo Mother Care that the Kangaroo Foundation develops with the resources of the Ministry of Health, clinical management guidelines of prematurity, research on cerebral protection and the need to protect mothers without access to maternity leave, 
Colombia extends the time of maternity leave to 14 weeks and provides additional time for the cases of premature birth.

Law 1468 of June 30, 2011, signed by the Minister of Health extended maternity leave from 12 to 14 weeks .... If the baby is premature, maternity leave is increased according to the number of weeks missing at the end of pregnancy of the mother

COCHRANE, recognized scientific library in the world, supports the Kangaroo Mother Care Methode

The evidence from this updated review support the use of KMC in infants of low birth weight as an alternative to conventional care especially in areas with limited resources.

Although additional information is needed regarding the effectiveness and safety of continuous KMC, early start in LBW infants not stabilized, the results of long-term neurodevelopmental and costs of care. The Cochrane Library 2011, Issue 3.
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