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The Kangaroo Foundation, received the price Alas BID for the Best Innovation 2015.

On November 10, in Washington, Dr. Nathalie Charpak, Director of Kangaroo Foundation in Colombia has received from the Director of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) the Alas IDB Prize for Best Innovation for the care of young children.
This year, over 1,200 nominations were considered for this recognition and for Best Publication, Best Educator, Best Innovation and Best Education Center, the last category was winning or the Foundation.

Started in Bogotá, Colombia, the focus of Fundación Canguro (Kangaroo Foundation) is to reverse the negative effects of premature birth, many of which influence the way children learn and develop later on. Based on the method of how mother kangaroos take care of their infants, this innovation now has 30 years of proven successful results, and rigorous evaluations have testified to their effectiveness. Since its foundation, the Kangaroo Foundation has been recognized by multilateral organizations and scaled their model to over thirty countries.


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